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ezIQC® is a procurement service that provides facility owners with an experienced construction contractor for maintenance, repair, alterations and minor new construction projects. ezIQC contracts have already been competitively bid and awarded, and the contractor is standing by ready to work for you. There is nothing better to get your construction projects started faster at competitively bid prices.

We realize that some facility owners may not have the necessary resources to manage their construction projects. That is why we also offer ezIQC Project Management Services. Your ezIQC representative will take your project from inception to completion when you order this optional service. Imagine having an expert looking out for your best interests throughout the construction process.

Managing construction requires the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge of construction principles and practices

  • Competency in reading and understanding architectural drawings and specifications

  • Competency in the required tests, inspections, and permits associated with building demolition and construction operations

Please consider ordering ezIQC Project Management Services if you do not have the resources to manage your construction project. Our expert team has the qualifications described above and is ready to help you to accomplish your construction needs.


Ordering ezIQC Project Management Services is easy. To order the services, simply select Please Include next to the Project Management Services option on the New Project entry form. Your ezIQC representative will discuss this option with you. Next, the fees associated with the ezIQC Project Management Services will be submitted to you along with the contractor’s cost proposal. Then, all you need to do is issue EZIQC, LLC a purchase order and the service will be provided. You can cancel ezIQC Project Management Services at any time prior to the issuance of a purchase order by informing your ezIQC representative that you do not want the service.